Totalitarianism in left wing activism and safe spaces

Landjustice do some good awareness raising, this is their flyer for a recent event (civil trespass camp to protest the destruction of moorland and the impact this has in terms of flooding and fire)

(and same topic covered in spectator

of course despite having a perfectly good point about the grouse moors, they are also being a bunch of idiot wokesters, so have a “safe space” policy, ie lip service to misogyny but in real service for manipulative TRAs.

Anyway, Helen Steel, a long time genuine old-school activist (spygate and mcdonalds) – who has been targetted by the nasty little shits in the transcult before – was told to leave the camp after the TRAs held a kangaroo court and decided she was making the snowflake narcissists “feel unsafe”

a brief account of all this here


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Totalitarianism in left wing activism and safe spaces

Evpsych (part whatever)

Once upon a time the “liberals” laughed at evpsych until they realised that laughing at “ladybrain” was traansphobicccc, so they quietly dropped the whole thing and hoped nobody would notice. The woman-haters on the right however kept going with it – whether it’s the knuckle dragging MRAs/altright types or the “intellectual” darkweb/”classic liberal” tossers.

Was reminded of it while looking for some stuff on Karen Straughan and found this:

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Evpsych (part whatever)

Another great blogger

Back in the day when most feminist discussion was on blogs(before tumblr/twitter/fbook took off), NineDeuce was writing some really good stuff – and she still is occasionally. This is from November last year

Nuclear Fallout

And this from on of the comments: “There is literally no other reason that Patriarchy exists than to give men all the perks of a warlord at the cost of women’s collective human rights.” Spot on

Another great blogger