The trans woo tipping point – are we there yet ?

As a reality-based feminist who has been following the transbollocks for years, there have been many times where you think “well surely people aren’t going to go along with *this*, surely now they’ll get what the radfems and lesbians and second wavers are talking about ”  (*This* being whatever the misogynistic delusion or act of violence du jour happened to be)

But, no, and of course not. We will never reach that point. It doesn’t matter what men do, and how misogynstic – it is never bad enough and never will be. The best we can do is a limited amount of damage control, to try and limit the numbers of women harmed by the queer cult and the lies they tell about us.

This is all fairly well catalogued across parts of the feminist blogosphere (I’ll do another post linking to someof it later) but here’s one I came across just today:

Creepy fetishistic male cheats on his terminally ill wife, then “transitions” and starts turning up at his daughter’s “queer sex parties” because he’s now a “lesbian”. Seriously, you could not make this up.

Most people in the comments, rather reluctantly it seems, recognise there is some sort of problem there, but apart from two (who get called terfs – and are subsequently banned), refuse to adress the real problem: abusive man.

The whole thing is a horror show, that young women are tying themselves in knots, learning they must allow their boundaries to be violated in order to be “cool” and “accepting”.  Of men that is, not of women in general, and especially not of those terrible radfems.

The trans woo tipping point – are we there yet ?

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