Read all about it

A few blogs:          probably the biggest and most active of the gender questioning    lots of good analyses from a couple of radfems        been around a while and not so active, but still worth a look        interesting perspective from a parent        another mother needing support       
a radfem         another radfem        and another       trans stuff
        Written by a woman who has exited from prostitution. Not an easy read, but should be required for all the “sex-pos” (ie abuse-apologist) idiots.        written by a libfem who seems to draw on lots of radfem work without ever fully acknowledging it. Lots of “not my nigel junior”-ing too, she gets on the list -for now – it’s always worth watching some of this lot anyway to see what they’re up to.

I know, there’s lots more out there, might add them as I go along.

Read all about it

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