I voted, now we wait

If the Tories get back in it will be a disaster, the havoc they have wreaked in one term will be hard enough to undo, if they are allowed to continue I dread to think.

Sadly Labour are little better. They had chance while in oppostition to stand up against the bedroom tax, welfare reform, the closing of women’s refuges, the sabotage of mental health services and the wider NHS, tax dodging by the rich, sanctions, the rise in food banks, the endless withdrawing of resources from the needy and vunerable while funneling public money to the private sector   … the list goes on.

And what did Labour say to all this ?  Not much apart from “we are for hard working families, we are not the party of people on benefits”. Cowardly pathetic Tories-lite.

Not much of a choice is it ?

I voted, now we wait

One thought on “I voted, now we wait

  1. Labour, you brought this defeat on yourselves with your complete lack of principle. Your cowardice has condemned those most in need to another 5 years of misery. Useless.


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