child abuse and identity

What will it take for so called liberals and progressives to wake up to the abusive males who make up the trans movement ?

You’d expect child abuse to be the line they wouldn’t cross, and yet if a creep or fetishist declares himself “really female” then more or less anything goes.

The grooming of impressionable youngsters for mutilation (“transition”), suicide and self harm, detachment from reality and immersion in the trans cult, and actual molestation. It’s vile.  But lalalala “identity”.

There’s a post on gendertrender today where a man is justifying his abuse, in part by

it’s important to recognize that my lifestyle and emotional maturity probably does not match up with other adults my age, given that I am basically reliving my puberty on estrogen.

As well as declaring himself female, he identifies as a teen therefore he is one ! Third wavers, you should be hanging your heads in shame.

child abuse and identity

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