the gay marriage thing

might add to this later but for now a couple of posts that I mostly agree with.

Some stupid comments on the femministcurrent one unsuprisingly.

ETA on twitter Julie Bindel has linked to a couple of her old pieces on this. Don’t agree entirely with her stance (and certainly not the latest crap she’s coming out with “violent, misogynistic hate speech is fine as long as some rapper sings it to a catchy tune”), but again the comments miss the point so much.

The mainstream bleat about equality while wanting to prioritise one particular relationship. That is the problem, and they are hypocrites for it.

ETA 2 some good comments now on the feministcurrent article.

“Yes I want my human rights, but not on the terms of the dominant class. I don’t want to access men’s power, I want to overthrow it. I don’t want compulsory heterosexuality to merely expand to compulsory legal monogamous coupledom, I want people who choose not to couple to have the right to name our next of kin, pay taxes at the same rate, and so forth. Liberation, not equality. ”

the gay marriage thing

3 thoughts on “the gay marriage thing

  1. I wonder if Bindel would be happily singing along to the philosphy of the EDL or similar if that was set to music she liked too ? Unlikely. Of course if it were aimed at men it would be a human rights issue but as long as it’s just violence and degradation of women then that’s OK as entertainment.


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