The backlash against identity politics

I’ve noticed an increase in articles recently from some Very Important Thinkers (ie men) as to why identity politics is a load of rubbish.

Well, identity politics is rubbish and rad fems have been saying this forever. But that doesn’t count of course. Women’s analysis, of male supremacy and all the hierarchies and structural inequalities they build for themselves, is worth nothing – until a man says it.

Problem is, when a man says it it gets garbled and diluted and will be used not to dismantle male supremacy but to prop up a slightly different flavour of it.

Because at the end of it what all men want is *their* ego stroking and the continued right to appropriate women’s time, labour and bodies in any way they see fit.

They don’t distinguish between the real harm done by torture and dehumanisation of women and girls (in the name of entertainment) and the sulks and tantrums of males who demand their “rights” to that.

They talk about how hurt feelings is not a measure of actual harm (true, it isn’t) but fail to distinguish between the hurt egos of violent, abusive men (and their supporters) and the real fear and injury they visit on the women they stalk and beat and rape and harrass.

They fail to talk about the men who demand to be “included”, while women who need space to exist and breathe and heal are further violated.

One “hurt feeling” there is not like the other.

One represents the abuser demanding freedom to abuse, one represents women saying “we have the right to freedom from abuse”.

Identity politics will never bring freedom for women, but neither will a backlash allowing men free reign over those already subordinated and excluded from actual resources and privilege in life.




The backlash against identity politics

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