women’s words, men’s words

said by a woman: “women are adult female human beings” and /or “no” = worst act of violence ever

said by a man: endless threats and hate and graphic descriptions of real violence that many, many men act out day after day = fun, free speech, entertainment

women’s words, men’s words

Psychologist speaks sense


“sexism and homophobia require belief in natural genders. If we organize our responses to children who play or become preoccupied with gendered behavior around the idea that there are natural genders from which they are deviating or toward which they can aspire with medical help (transitioning), then, however indirectly, we are buttressing the very structures upon which the hatred of gay men and lesbians stands.”

eta more quotes from the article here


Psychologist speaks sense

DNA, pregnancy, bonding and surrogacy

There’s another surrogacy story in the news at the moment. Two men bought a woman to use as an incubator and are now having a tantrum because she doesn’t want to sign the baby away (though they have actually already taken the child and are in hiding with it).

The men claim the child is theirs because one of them supplied some of the DNA.

Where to start with the sheer awfulness of it all ?

First off, surrogacy is like forced adoption – remember the young mothers of the 50’s 60′ 70’s – it is a very traumatic experience to have the baby you have grown and birthed taken from you. This is the biology of the situation, full term pregnancy and birth creates the bonding, it has to for basic survival of the species.

This is why abortion is not in and of itself is not a trauma. At early stages, before the hormones fully kick in there is no bond, DNA is irrelevant.

Men do not like biology, especially when it concerns women and childbirth. For them it is all about their magical spermy genes and ownership. The child is a thing that they own, the mother is a thing that they have bought. It’s like going to Argos and ordering a new telly and then it doesn’t turn up so you complain.


DNA, pregnancy, bonding and surrogacy

Trans woo and “opinions”

This piece was linkedin the comments on gendertrender

“The misinformed are not an ethnic minority being oppressed.”


They are basically describing a generation of spoilt brat narcissists, and “identity” and all the other trans-woo thrives on this. The idea that “my feeeeelings” are somehow objective reality.

With the usual biases and hierarchies of course as to whose feelings/fantasies/opinions take precendence.

ETA to an extent I understand how students studying “soft” subjects can get wrapped up in this, but there is no excuse for scientists, and doubly not for supposed adults.

It underlines how so-called sceptics are nothing of the sort when it comes to male supremacy and woman hating.

Trans woo and “opinions”

Male grooming of kids continues

“Transgender” campaigners want their book explaining to children that if you like fairies you’re a girl and if you like football you’re a boy, to be in every primary school.

This is not “breaking down stereotypes” it is reinforcing them, and worse building on them to subject the actual non-conformers to medical and surgical intervention.

Do the people praising this backwards, reactionary woman and girl-hating shite ever stop and think how abusive this is, or do they know and just really don’t care that girls are stripped of their humanity all in the name of endorsing the creepy fantasies of male fetishists ?


Male grooming of kids continues