The extermination of women

I barely have words for the horror of what is going on here with the trans cult destroying young women’s lives. The grooming and abuse is intense, with terrible consequences.

Libfems and other queer cultists – this is what you are enabling.

The extermination of women

3 thoughts on “The extermination of women

  1. just in case this doesn’t come out of mod over there: 4thwavenow, thank you for giving space to people to speak about this. I keep hoping that at some point more people will realise what is going on and just how unacceptable and downright abusive the trans agenda is. Meanwhile “lgbt” organisations, the media, govern
    ment agencies, therapists, bigpharma are on the side of the creepy (and also well resourced) men who keep pushing these abuses.

    I wish I could know what to say to help the parents in these situations, it is indeed like trying to get your kids out of a cult, a very destructive one unfortunately.


  2. Also from the comments thread there:

    That description doesn’t make clear that there is no such thing as a “male” or “female” brain. It’s OK as a description, but the analysis is weak.

    Simply failing to take on board all the pink-princess-subservient (ie gender) brainwashing does not make a girl really a boy or have a boys brain. It makes her a human who (for one reason or another) has not totally absorbed the demands of her sex role as dictated by our culture. She is gender non-conforming only in as much as the pink-wash didn’t take. She is still a girl and still has female biology.

    A girl behaving as an “unfeminine” girl is marked as abnormal, the culture says general human interests are for boys not girls. Boys behaviour is human behaviour, how dare a girl be like that !

    Trying to navigate while growing is difficult, the pressure to take on a role which doesn’t make sense can be interpreted by the young and vunerable to mean they are wrong and need to change themselves – rather than the fact that the roles actually don’t make sense ! Gender is there to dehumanise women, and some of us didn’t quite get with the programme on that, but it is perfectly possible to live in the world as a “different” girl or woman – that is truly “being yourself”


  3. and

    Not related to aspergers directly but this highlights one of the big differences between actual non-conforming girls and fetishistic men.

    On one hand is female persons who are failing to perform a subservient role, and have ordinary human interests instead (which they interpret as some sort of personal pathology even though it isn’t, in extreme cases with transition an attempt to escape that)

    on the other is men who pathologically glorify and revel in the social roles to the point that transition enhances their fetish. They are conformists to gender and are worshipped for it.


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