Mothers and boys

“The belief that we are responsible for the behavior of male children avoids the reality that wimmin do not hold power in the boys’ world. By inviting them into our spaces we perpetuate the historical, sexist pattern of assuming wimmin are responsible for something we have no power over, that thing being the attitudes which male children absorb from a society that discredits and undermines wimmin of all ages.”

and yet mothers continue to fall in love with their special little princes, to give their own lives up for them,to send them out into their world where they have power over all women. This is why patriarchy will never end (and it’s why mothers of sons are feted, the ultimate enablers)

ETA that linked article was written twenty years ago. Same old same old.

Mothers and boys

One thought on “Mothers and boys

  1. Something else to think about: For it is power that any boy is offered upon reaching manhood. Some get more than others but all get to join the old boys club, and in case you didn’t notice that is what runs this world. What we as wimmin can offer little boys is not power. If you were a little boy which would you choose—power or sensitivity?

    and if you were a woman with a chance to be a sainted mother and share vicariously in the power of your precious darling son (or to draw status from your precious darling Nigel), or centre your life around women, which would you choose ?


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