middle aged perv males and teenage girls

There is a lot of great stuff on the 4thwavenow blog, from commenters too.

This from a mother with a daughter who has been snared by the trans cult:

“Meanwhile, ex-FTM females have a whole bunch of different narratives that just get dismissed as irrelevant. Narratives that have to do with body dysphoria stemming from trauma/abuse, or with a sense of powerlessness foisted upon females in a patriarchy, or with internalized homophobia and lack of nonconforming role models …

…I don’t think the lived experiences of a natal male who transitioned later in life have a helluva lot to do with the lived experiences of my internet-soaked teen daughter who was revolted by her early menarche, who has relationship and brain development issues based on early-life institutionalization, and who’s still trying to come up with some integrated self …

… It’s not right of those voices of theirs [the mainly male transactivists] are the only voices shaping public policy regarding treatment of sex-role-nonconforming people.”


middle aged perv males and teenage girls

The brainwashing continues, trans ideology in schools

The trans cult has well and truly taken hold here in the UK. Seven year old children for goodness sake, being told that sparkly dresses is what makes them a girl.

They trot out the platitudes

“Children growing up must believe they can be whoever they want to be, proud and not ashamed of who they are.”

(somehow this doesn’t mean proud to be a flamboyant and possibly gay male who likes to play dress-up though, it means proud to deny biological reality and suffer physical, chemical and psychological mutilation in order to further the trans-activist agenda)

The article quotes  – amongst others –  GIRES, which is yet another organisation driven by creepy perv men wanting to validate their fetishes. They have a disproportionate say in “gender” issues, influence the NHS etc and of course they are there ready to hand out propaganda and the stupid schools are taking it all on board.

A linked article point to the totalitarian nature of trans ideology

“adopt a zero-tolerance policy on future transphobia. As with all forms of behaviour management, consistency is key: challenge each and every time. It won’t take long for the message to sink in that you don’t permit transphobic remarks in your classroom, thus creating a safer environment for trans students.”

Zero tolerance to biological reality and the questioning of sex-stereotype roles. Zero tolerance to the idea that genuine non conformity is OK, and zero tolerance to the idea that it’s not bodies and pronouns that need to be changed, it’s homophobia and misogyny.

Wake the fuck up people. This is complete brainwashing and you are being taken for a very harmful ride here.



The brainwashing continues, trans ideology in schools


1 > I might come back to this one later. Pretend “radfem” ie a male-centred libfem ties herself in knots again trying to justify why it’s so important to ally with men, whilst completely ignoring lesbians, separatists, other gender non-conforming women, actual radfems and the all the women and girls massively harmed by the cult her special trans-Nigels belong to.


2 > whiny idiot in Aussie newspaper in response to Julie Bindel’s article about the woman only village in Kenya


“…then they have to be inclusive of all women no matter their race, physical ability or chromosomal make up.” She says, while spectacularly missing the point that it is exactly their “chromosomal makeup” (ie being actual physical females) that meant they were raped and beaten by men in the first place !

3 > a couple of goodies from 4thwavenow

http://4thwavenow.    tumblr.com/post/123720611435/the-transgender-triumph (had to break link to stop auto embed, what a pain tumblr is)


4 > from the 4th wave tumblr post, the link to the weekly standard


“One of the things Blanchard observed about the group he called autogynephiles was that they typically displayed little interest in such stereotypically female activities as crafts, gardening, cooking, or sewing. Their interest in female identity seemed limited to their personal appearance: clothes, shoes, makeup, nail polish, hairstyles, and mannerisms.”

Overall, very comprehensive and good for the mainstream. Even mentions radfems though doesn’t quite get it fully correct. Also the “allied with the right wing” shite. No, just because someone knows that the sky is blue and reproductive biology exists does not make them “allies”


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More following on from Amnesty’s support of rapists

English translation of an article by a German prostitution survivor


“I have not witnessed one single prostitute who hasn’t been sexually abused/raped or experienced some other form of sexualized violence as a child or as an adult. I would even venture to say that the reason why our society doesn’t consistently shut down the mass abuse of young girls is that it profits from it. “

and one from a few years back


“”Prostitution is not work,” said Farley, a psychologist who has spent years researching prostitution and its psychological effects. “Rather, it’s a human rights violation.” …

Jody Williams, a former prostitute and member of the Nevada Coalition Against Sex Trafficking, agreed.

“When women quit prostitution, they … suffer from a broad range of physical and emotional disorders,” she said. “Women in prostitution suffer from the same combat stress that Vietnam and combat vets do, but they have fewer services than vets do.”

More following on from Amnesty’s support of rapists

Telling “rich white women” to shut up silences all women

If this is not obvious to you go away and think about it. Example – the propaganda used by the rapist lobby (backed up by Amnesty Int) as to why no-one should listen to those opposed to male use and abuse of women’s bodies. Their pretense of caring about classism and racism is in fact what silences those most affected by poverty and race.

Telling “rich white women” to shut up silences all women

Brothel = rape camp

The HuffPost is generally full of libfem pomo nonsense but this article on the enablement and legalisation of male violence towards women is very good

Today, approximately 90 percent of prostituted women in Germany come from the poorest European countries, especially Bulgaria and Romania. Most of these women don’t speak German and don’t know their rights.

Even the Bundeskriminalamt [German federal police] reported that the sex trade and related human trafficking has become more organized and aggressive as a result.

Since the law destroyed any questioning of the harm in men buying women for sex, the acts are becoming increasingly dangerous, violent and degrading. Buyers pick from a long list of sexual acts, most of which could easily be defined as torture.

There is no “occupation” in the world that causes as much harm as prostitution, so we have to stop thinking about it as a so-called free choice.


This is what Amnesty Int with the pimp and john lobby lined up behind them are supporting.

Brothel = rape camp