Left wing men

By and large the same as the rest of them. That is it the same old tribal boys club, only with allegiances to different men and different “policies” to enact their rule than the right-ies.

Traditionally the more socially minded left-leaning policies tend to have better secondary benefits for women, eg health, education, social policies have a big impact on women’s lives. Not many of these types about nowadays. The Greens are like this to an extent along with some individual Labs and Libs, but they don’t hold much sway. (Mainstream Labour is Tory-lite so doesn’t really count)

The harder left is not good for women as they veer more authoritarian and violent, very tribal, unthinking and refuse to be accountable. Bad environment. The SWP supporting men who are rapists over the women who have been raped, Galloway, Sheridan – well known examples. The willingness to ally with terrorists – violent misogynistics who kill and rape women, and enforce fundamentalist rules on their lives. Maybe not as obvioulsy extreme but even the Unions are a classic example of a closed boy’s club in action.

I will never support these men, and that includes Corbyn as I I don’t trust him to wash his hands of the authoritarians or fundamentalist thugs and misogynists and cover-ups that poison that particular wing of male politicking as much as any other.

Left wing men

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