1 > I might come back to this one later. Pretend “radfem” ie a male-centred libfem ties herself in knots again trying to justify why it’s so important to ally with men, whilst completely ignoring lesbians, separatists, other gender non-conforming women, actual radfems and the all the women and girls massively harmed by the cult her special trans-Nigels belong to.

2 > whiny idiot in Aussie newspaper in response to Julie Bindel’s article about the woman only village in Kenya

“…then they have to be inclusive of all women no matter their race, physical ability or chromosomal make up.” She says, while spectacularly missing the point that it is exactly their “chromosomal makeup” (ie being actual physical females) that meant they were raped and beaten by men in the first place !

3 > a couple of goodies from 4thwavenow

http://4thwavenow. (had to break link to stop auto embed, what a pain tumblr is)

4 > from the 4th wave tumblr post, the link to the weekly standard

“One of the things Blanchard observed about the group he called autogynephiles was that they typically displayed little interest in such stereotypically female activities as crafts, gardening, cooking, or sewing. Their interest in female identity seemed limited to their personal appearance: clothes, shoes, makeup, nail polish, hairstyles, and mannerisms.”

Overall, very comprehensive and good for the mainstream. Even mentions radfems though doesn’t quite get it fully correct. Also the “allied with the right wing” shite. No, just because someone knows that the sky is blue and reproductive biology exists does not make them “allies”


eta:donotlinks are broken


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