The brainwashing continues, trans ideology in schools

The trans cult has well and truly taken hold here in the UK. Seven year old children for goodness sake, being told that sparkly dresses is what makes them a girl.

They trot out the platitudes

“Children growing up must believe they can be whoever they want to be, proud and not ashamed of who they are.”

(somehow this doesn’t mean proud to be a flamboyant and possibly gay male who likes to play dress-up though, it means proud to deny biological reality and suffer physical, chemical and psychological mutilation in order to further the trans-activist agenda)

The article quotes  – amongst others –  GIRES, which is yet another organisation driven by creepy perv men wanting to validate their fetishes. They have a disproportionate say in “gender” issues, influence the NHS etc and of course they are there ready to hand out propaganda and the stupid schools are taking it all on board.

A linked article point to the totalitarian nature of trans ideology

“adopt a zero-tolerance policy on future transphobia. As with all forms of behaviour management, consistency is key: challenge each and every time. It won’t take long for the message to sink in that you don’t permit transphobic remarks in your classroom, thus creating a safer environment for trans students.”

Zero tolerance to biological reality and the questioning of sex-stereotype roles. Zero tolerance to the idea that genuine non conformity is OK, and zero tolerance to the idea that it’s not bodies and pronouns that need to be changed, it’s homophobia and misogyny.

Wake the fuck up people. This is complete brainwashing and you are being taken for a very harmful ride here.

The brainwashing continues, trans ideology in schools

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