middle aged perv males and teenage girls

There is a lot of great stuff on the 4thwavenow blog, from commenters too.

This from a mother with a daughter who has been snared by the trans cult:

“Meanwhile, ex-FTM females have a whole bunch of different narratives that just get dismissed as irrelevant. Narratives that have to do with body dysphoria stemming from trauma/abuse, or with a sense of powerlessness foisted upon females in a patriarchy, or with internalized homophobia and lack of nonconforming role models …

…I don’t think the lived experiences of a natal male who transitioned later in life have a helluva lot to do with the lived experiences of my internet-soaked teen daughter who was revolted by her early menarche, who has relationship and brain development issues based on early-life institutionalization, and who’s still trying to come up with some integrated self …

… It’s not right of those voices of theirs [the mainly male transactivists] are the only voices shaping public policy regarding treatment of sex-role-nonconforming people.”


middle aged perv males and teenage girls

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