Peak Trans ? No, we’re getting a backlash.

I’ve always said we’d reach Peak Trans when women are recognised as fully human and not just fetishistic figments of the male(*) imagination  – ie never.

What we’re going to get instead is a backlash, a fight between two schools of MRAs basically. Those who support the trans dogma (the “left”) and those who will react against it in order to attack women, gay rights etc (the “right”).

Some well-meaning people will get caught up in one side or the other depending on their culture and background – child abuse for instance tends to mobilise most decent people –  but in the end the fight is all about male philosphies and male rights (that is where do their rights to abuse women and children start and end)

Which is why we need proper feminism, it’s why we’ve always needed proper feminism – reality, analysis, an understanding of male hierarchies and abuses and so on. Women are human, children are children and not things to be toyed with, people’s right to their physical boundaries should apply to all, biology exists and reality needs to be engaged.

(*) all men fetishise women. They either force it onto us (if they are “cis/het”) or take it on board themselves (“trans”)

Peak Trans ? No, we’re getting a backlash.

One thought on “Peak Trans ? No, we’re getting a backlash.

  1. also posted this on 4th wave:

    It is very difficult when radfems and other gender-critical voices of reason are so sidelined. Radfems and lesbians have been talking about this for years, but we are a small and massively under-resourced group.

    The lack of resources (ie ££, time, a media platform, influence) is in stark contrast to the wealthy and well connected MRAs, trans activists and their teen army that drive a lot of this.

    Just look at GIRES, as you talk about in this post. They have grants, funding, a massively undue influence on social policy. Where is the gender critical equivalent ? Where is there even that sort of cash and attention for people who are the victims of the whole trans circus ?


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