Creepy man turns out to be a creep

Simon Danczuk, the man with a history of pairing up with and abusing vunerable women has now been dragged into full public view bleating about his weakness for teenagers and how alcohol made him do it.

The reaction from the mainstream is a mixture of glee at the scandal, and the opportunity for the masses to howl how the 17 year old was “asking for it” and it’s all her fault that a 49yr old man in a position of public power can’t help himself (but wanting him sacked at the same time).

This is the same MP who made a big public show about the Rotherham child-abuse cases. Which is not suprising, most men who are perfectly happy to exploit 16, 17, 18 year olds will declare themselves heroes for drawing the line at under 16’s.  As a rule of thumb, the more fuss they make about how terrible “pedos” are while being happy to abuse older teens or women in general (because it’s all about what other men have decided is the age that girls become fair game as public property), the more dodgy they will turn out to be.




Creepy man turns out to be a creep

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