Chechnya – what about the lesbians ?

Chechnya has been in the news recently with reports that around 100 gay men have been rounded up and imprisoned. The good people of the world are horrified by this – it’s a human rights crisis ! (of course it is, it happened to men).

The Independent (trashy UK newspaper) declared that “Gay men in Chechnya are undoubtedly the most disempowered people in Russia today.”


No mention of the fact that thousands of women are murdered in Russia every year (Amnesty stats and Russian gov ests ~10-15,000 per year), no mention that many, many more are raped and suffer serious injury from beatings, that women are imprisoned and tortured in their own homes as routine. Somehow this doesn’t merit an international outcry.

And Chechnya, even though being a part of the Russian federation and being under Russian law, also has strong traditional and Islamic (sharia) influences which make it even worse for the way women  are treated in the country.

“Domestic violence”  ie men raping, beating and torturing women – and that includes lesbians, and it is  effectively with state approval – is endemic. It is written about but largely ignored. When it happens to women the good people of world stay mainly silent.

Chechnya – what about the lesbians ?