And a great post on transgender trend

“Teachers are finding themselves on the frontline of identity politics as it plays out in the real lives of young people. Increasingly they are forced to go against their better judgment, deny their knowledge of reality and collude in the betrayal of trust of teenagers who have a right to expect adults to tell them the truth.”

“the more that I read and the more that I spoke with the young people in my school, the more uneasy I felt. I recognised that the young people’s identification with gender was little to do with criticism of or liberation from gender; rather their talk of 71 genders felt incredibly regressive …

… I consider the context of my LGBT group members, all of whom were T. Without exception, every transboy or demiboy in the group had a diagnosis of Aspergers or had experienced sexual abuse …

… I have attended a number of training sessions and conferences which have started to push the gender agenda and I notice the shifting of the language that it is recommended that I use when telling children about puberty or describe how women’s bodies are hurt because they are born female. I’ve noticed also that the resources that are being developed for teacher training and in the classroom depict girls as the enemy of all this, with bullying girls being the enemy of gender progress. I fear legislation and policies which will dictate how I support young people or educate whole classes to understand the difference between sex and gender.”




And a great post on transgender trend

A great comment on the gc peak trans thread

“These rapist-minded people have come up with ways to shame and coerce reluctant and repelled women into having sex with them. They arent any different to ‘nice guys’ and ‘incels’ who say women ought to fuck them…in fact that Julia Serano character actually includes in his book (his, not her) his belief that women reject nice guys and fuck assholes (then he claims to have no male socialization, because no woman has ever told him he has ‘male energy’…of course any woman who did would find herself out of a job or perhaps accused of neglecting her kids, since nothing is too low for them to ‘fight for their existence”).

Not long ago, a lesbian on reddit spoke of picking up a TW who really passed…until they got home, when, after the girl was naked and vulnerable, out popped the cock. The girl was clearly, obviously, dismayed and distressed…and doubtless frightened too. I’d be scared witless, if that was me. I’d know I was facing a person who was completely prioritising his own desire for sex, who had failed to give me a warning, because my feelings mattered nothing, and who also has alcohol in his system…I’d be very reasonably afraid and shocked.

did that TW then say: “Oh God, I am so sorry! I shouldnt have scared you like this! My fault entirely! I’ll put my clothes on and go”? No. He remained silent, waiting, knowing that poor girl is like you: not wanting to be a bigot So that can be used to force her. All he has to do is say nothing, and the girl will try and force herself. Which is what she did. “After a minute of her penis getting hard in my face, I left”. Let’s just bring that to reality, shall we? It was his penis getting hard in her face.

Note it well. The response of this ‘persecuted, helpless minority’ to the dismay and fear of a vulnerable girl was arousal. No real woman would get aroused under those circumstances. Would you? If a girl was scared of you, dismayed by you, would you want to have sex with her more?

And she was on reddit, grovelling, and begging for absolution for the ‘crime’ of refusing sex to a person who had simply decided he deserved it. Who had at the ready all the lines about: “Why should I disclose in advance? I’m a woman. You need to love all women. If you dont love my dick, you’re a genital fetishist. No, you may not name yourself. I, a biological male, am going to take away your very personhood, your identity as a lesbian (because it is so important people are allowed to define themselves, except when you defining yourself deprives me of access to your body)…you dont get to call yourself a lesbian, because I say you can’t. I have assumed authority over you on completely spurious grounds of me being ‘oppressed’…and if you wont give me what I want, I’ll take an overdose…and that’s not a typical male coercion tactic at all. Except, on second thoughts, I wont hurt myself. I’ll hurt you, you disgusting terf. Terfs arent human and dont have any human rights. So, on balance, isnt it better for you to just give in? because, excuse the pun, I can make it very hard for you…

And of course, all the TW were there, condescendingly saying she doesnt have to have sex she doesnt want, but if the only reason is an aversion to penis, you are disgusting and guilty and should die in a fire. I just love the male tone of authority they always have. There’s never any of that female apologizing, concern they may hurt feelings, oh no. They instruct and order and demand and threaten and then say they arent male and never were.

Sex is not a civil right, and transwomen are the only people who have declared that access to unwilling female bodies is a revolutionary goal. However they slice it, they are demanding sex from women who dont want to do it. If a religious right group asked you to ‘pray the gay away’ would you do it? But ‘unpacking your preferences’, ah, that’s different, right?

I think I prefer the religious assholes. At least they arent trying to have sex with you for their own gratification, at least they think they are saving your soul. Its simply incredible that feminism has ended up with women trying to force themselves to suck cocks they dont want, or be touched by hands they dont want, or be called vile names and kicked out of their groups.”   /r/GenderCritical/comments/6dl3lm/peak_trans_v_tell_your_story_here/djz9zm0/

A great comment on the gc peak trans thread