And a great post on transgender trend

“Teachers are finding themselves on the frontline of identity politics as it plays out in the real lives of young people. Increasingly they are forced to go against their better judgment, deny their knowledge of reality and collude in the betrayal of trust of teenagers who have a right to expect adults to tell them the truth.”

“the more that I read and the more that I spoke with the young people in my school, the more uneasy I felt. I recognised that the young people’s identification with gender was little to do with criticism of or liberation from gender; rather their talk of 71 genders felt incredibly regressive …

… I consider the context of my LGBT group members, all of whom were T. Without exception, every transboy or demiboy in the group had a diagnosis of Aspergers or had experienced sexual abuse …

… I have attended a number of training sessions and conferences which have started to push the gender agenda and I notice the shifting of the language that it is recommended that I use when telling children about puberty or describe how women’s bodies are hurt because they are born female. I’ve noticed also that the resources that are being developed for teacher training and in the classroom depict girls as the enemy of all this, with bullying girls being the enemy of gender progress. I fear legislation and policies which will dictate how I support young people or educate whole classes to understand the difference between sex and gender.”




And a great post on transgender trend

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