More on fixed odds gambling

Various restrictions are now being proposed on these machines. To great cheers from liberal “rape and abuse of women is fine/muuuh consenting adults” men.

Again, funny how the “people should be able to do whatever they like with their bodies” brigade are very particular how this is applied.

From the reddit thread:

“If we’re approaching any basic standard of morality, these machines need to be wheeled out, smashed to shit, and then burned.Anything else is immoral.”

Top voted. Try replacing “these machines” with the porn and prostitution industry and see how that goes.

More on fixed odds gambling

Entitled, whiny supremacists chat amongst themselves

Last month’s flavour of the week, James Damore, tries to extend his 5 minutes of fame by continuing to suck up to any old reactionary that will give him an audience (and preferably $$ too I’d guess).

Manages to put his foot in it, as despite trotting out a load of reactionary pseudo-science : “Masculine girls and feminine boys are more similar to the opposite sex than their own in many ways, including social structures”,  he doesn’t reach a conclusion that the cons are happy with and gets a bit of a scolding.

twitter     dot     com      /JamesADamore/status/918240327667916800

Which, very tellingly, he reacts to quite differently than anything that “feminists” had to say to him “I had a humbling experience that showed me how far I have to go in understanding conservatives”.


And further discussed on his own special subreddit here



Entitled, whiny supremacists chat amongst themselves