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A whole load of on-point tweets from Lisa Muggeridge

“The phrase ‘trans women are women’ is not a request for inclusion. Is a request by males that women subsume identity to males. Trans women are trans women and thats ok. Its fine. Women dont need women subordinate, males do.”

“Trans women are trans women. Rest of us need no such signifier to indicate our biology. It is not womens job to assist trans women in reconciling themselves to their male biology, that is a doctors job.”

“We are largely in agreement over everything except the behaviour of trans activists in trying to subordinate women and their mistaken belief their inner identity subordinated our legally protected identity.”

“We are arguing over whether women should be free to meet each other and discuss sex based protections. Er. THis isnt something on the table to be removed. Attempts to prevent this can be taken at face value.”

“We are arguing over whether biology can be reversed by a state of mind. This is a nonsense. I am not arguing this.”

“I cant help if a bunch of disordered males by political parties were told their gender dysphoria would be eased by my subordination. I can assure you it will not. And nor is it likely to be achieved.”

“If the only way trans women can feel valid is if we pretend that ‘trans’ doesnt denote a biological reality not shared with the female sex, I dont know what the soluton is beyond self acceptance. But this is a no win fight for you.”

“My sex is defined by my body, my gender roles have all been about subsuming my identity to meet responsibilities created by that body. I am not interested in your gender id, if you are not of my sex. Not relevant to me at all.”

“The demand the female sex erase themselves to appease the fragile sensibilities and volatile behaviour of the male sex is not new. Gender id doesnt make it new.”

“The only reason sex based protections are a battle ground for SOME trans activists, is their hatred of women, As they are not part of this sex, they dont need those protections. We already know this,”

“Trans women can only feel safe if same sex protections are wiped out, women dont mention their biology, and if women give up freedom of assembly, and accept violence and coercion?….uhuh.. thats not going to happen so they need a new way to ‘feel safe’.”

“‘Trans women are women and women’s consent doesnt matter’ is largely just a demonstration of the biological reality the word trans denotes and the traits that come with it. Its not a right to subordinate women any more. Sorry.,”

“It is not women’s job to manage someone being unable to accept themselves as they are. While I wish those people luck and happiness and self acceptance … If your identity requires my subordination your identity is a problem, but its not mine.”

“Any trans woman who believes they can only be valid if they subordinate womens identity and force women to repeat ‘trans women are women’ is demonstrating what the word trans means. Demonstrating their sex and need for sex based protections.”

“There are no trans children, there are no trans lesbians, and there is no right to subordinate women that comes with identifying as a woman. Idont know how that perception took hold…well..I do…but its still easily corrected and wrong.”

“Any trans person believing their identity gives them the right to force women to associate with them, subsume their identity to them, the right to be fucked by lesbians, is mentally ill, and I cant debate with that person cos they are dangerous.”

“Any human being believing their inner identity removes sex, makes it mutable, means htey can override sexual boundaries, subordinate women, threaten them, coerce them? hte issue is not gender its disorder and risk.”

“My boundaries, my sexual boundaries, my right to freedom of assembly, my right to determine myself and discuss those sex based protections should not be impacted by trans people being protected.”

“Nor does a trans identity and protection of those with trans identities from discrimination entitle anyone to override sexual boundaries, use violence and coercion to subordinate women and their identity.”


More from twitter

One thought on “More from twitter

  1. Update to this: she is now yet another woman who has had her twitter account shut down for some spurious “hate” or whatever else bullshit excuse. It’s a constant onslaught on our right to speak.


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