A brilliant twitter thread spelling out some of the problems with the bratty trans activists in the UK

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“After many years of working at grass roots within our community we have recently been made aware of an issue that directly effects the working class and women in our area.

You must understand we are not graduate activists or or women’s rights campaigners. We are community workers and our concerns regarding changes to the GRA come from a lifetime of personal experience and having worked with some of the most marginalise people in our area.

… domestic violence, poverty, ex care system issues, addiction, prison,rehab,homelessness and austerity. The people in our community that we represent are the most likely to access/ be placed in sex segregated services.Some have and will access all of these services.

Our local political and community organisations have been infiltrated by a group of well meaning white middle class goldsmith (uni) students. These people although well intentioned have rail roaded many vital projects by introducing identity policies and intersectional thinking.”

[Some disagreement from me at this point: the trans activists are not “well meaning” they are deliberately and viscously woman-hating, ageist and deeply homophobic control-freaks]

“Meetings we have attended for the purpose of discussing community housing projects and women’s wellness etc have been used as a platform to re educate working class people on the new academic language expected within our organisations …

We are now informed that transgender people are being routinely abused (mis gendered) and should be protected above all other marginalised groups. All that has changed is privileged students have adopted a set of gender identities that allow them to be considered marginalised.

The people we encountered were far from marginalised. In fact they were highly educated, openly classist and aggressive …

No one will discuss our concerns regarding self id. Our local Labour Party has refused to comment or debate with the working class people.

When we are being verbally abused and called fascists because we are concerned about the effects of policy change on marginalised people it is a direct attack on working class women and grass roots organisations.

when sharing information about this event and attempt to shut it down be aware that you are complicit in the silencing of not only women but working class people who have not afforded the privileged of a safe space or university education.”

[the event being the meeing at the HOC Wednesday 14th Mar 2018]


A brilliant twitter thread spelling out some of the problems with the bratty trans activists in the UK

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