The British Left and “The Jewish Question”

The anti-semitism of the Left is not new news, even though it is currently in the headlines, it has been part and parcel of the far-left in the UK for years.

It is interesting as most people would think of the old BNP or stereotypical Nazi types as those aligning themselves with eliminationist rhetoric, conspiracy theories (and “artwork”) about scheming bankers, holocaust denial etc.

And the history and current incarnations of this are not straightforward – the elements of the left who are pro-communist, pro-glorious revolution, anti-Europe, pro-Putin … and the big elephant in the room: pro-Islamist.

This is not just the cozying up to terror groups, Hamas, Hezbollah and the like, it is the indulgence of ordinary everyday Islam and Muslim culture in the UK,  which is closed to scrutiny and criticism by the “left” and, amongst other things, is intensely anti-Israel/”Zionist”.

Corbyn and his mates indulge this, encourage this, support this – and then deny that they do. This is one of the things that sets them apart from most of the far right, the two-faced dishonesty and pretence. They don’t just do it on the issue of antisemitism, we see the same patterns with their misogyny: “we support women (while passing incredibly regressive anti-woman policies and supporting rapists, assorted other violent misogynists, and homophobes)” .

Here’s a nice intersectional example: Corbyn and his cronies condemn those who speak out against the Muslim rape gangs (one frontbench MP was sacked), but not the gangs or the culture (or even the institutions !) that allowed this to go on and kept it covered up for so long. They don’t show solidarity to the women and girls groomed, raped and abused –  and that includes a failure to help the women and girls abused within the Muslim community too. Him and his mates want to brush what is now public knowledge under the carpet and make sure that a light isn’t shone on all the rest of it, the abuse of Muslim women and girls, that is barely talked about at all.

As ever the support from the far-left is never for the women and girls terrorised by the men they live with, the men they meet out on the streets, in their schools, at work – it is only for other men – men they can stand with against “the west”, “the Jews”, “the bourgoise”, as they usher in their vision for a brave new totalitarian world.



The British Left and “The Jewish Question”

2 thoughts on “The British Left and “The Jewish Question”

  1. It is all part of a more general problem where people prioritise solidarity to a corrupt ideology or “cause” rather than more universal principles of behaviour (personal and political)

    eg instead of “racism is wrong as is it is a fundamental violation of the concept of people’s humanity” it is “racism is only wrong if it upsets the men we wish to align with, if it is something we can use in favour of those we agree with politically, against those we don’t agree with. It is also a useful way to silence anyone who questions our cause, or anyone who questions the violent, abusive, destructive behaviour of anyone associated with our cause or those that we we wish to pander to”.


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