Twitter thread, and some old reddit comments

Interesting thread, overview of issues with the GRA radicalhag/status/ 954522483616616449

“we should remind ourselves again and again what the implications of gender self-id, or even easy access to a GRC are, for women: we are legally obliterated as a sex class.”

“An approach seeking to improve the rights and visibility of trans people without erasing women’s progress would acknowledge this, go back to the drawing board and start with the assumption that trans women are *not* women.”

Yes, exactly.

“the GRA of 2004 was intended to protect the rights of a few extremely dysphoric transsexuals. It is no longer fit for purpose as the explosion of gender identity politics could not have been foreseen. ”

(Some of us foresaw problems at the time though , if not before, and I think there were those who were instrumental in seting the GRA uo who knew where it was going and intended the havoc it has wrought:

“This whole reports prioritises and panders to male fantasy, along with complete disregard for the reality of female biology and the social consequences we live with because of that.

They buy into every lie that that the transgenderists have spun, including this little gem: “Trans people often face shocking abuse online. Ms Belcher gave us a dreadful example of a Tweet that encouraged trans people to kill themselves.”

And the relentless barrage of violent abuse and death threats that the trans activists send to women ? Hey that doesn’t count at all.

Nowhere in the whole report do they do anything other than make out that these poor men are being so victimised, another example is supposedly by their spouses when we know that the abuse in marriages and relationships where the man transitions is perpetrated by the men themselves.

They repeat the bullshit “suicide stats”, again without addressing the narcissism and other comorbid issues that these men have.

They take testimony from GIRES, Gendered Intelligence, Mermaids without any fact checking, they talk about non-binary, gender fuild and all the other buzz word phrases without any attempt to make sense of the contradictions.

The whole thing is a complete fucking mess, and it is women who will as ever bear the brunt of it …

… If this recommendation becomes law then any women’s safe space, any group of women saying “no” to men effectively becomes illegal.”
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Twitter thread, and some old reddit comments

Diversity of opinion

This has been a buzz-phrase for a while now. Tends to be trotted out by the libertarian/”classic liberal” (ie reactionary right) “freedom of speech”  types – the Peters0n crowd, Jonathan Haidt (a man who claims to be a liberal psychologist/philospher, yet thinks that p0rn is all good fun just like sport and that universities should be held hostage by their wealthy donors to force them to elevate MRA and right wing talking points, he’s a rising star amongst whiny internet adolescents of course) and so on.

Unsuprisingly their idea of “free speech” and “diversity of opinion” never includes standing up for or listening to or giving a platform to women’s point of view: older women, lesbians, disabled women, minority ethnic women, poor women, women who work with victims of male violence, women who have suffered male violence, radical women, separatist women. Even the wrong sort of man is excluded from their brave new free and diverse world, maybe a token nod here and there. Such tiny tiny minds they have.


Diversity of opinion

Peters0n in conversation with another religious fundie, true colours coming through loud and clear

Classic Peters0n: cosying up to and indulging fundie right wing reactionaries, wild assertions, straw “lefties”, almost complete disregard of realities outside that of whiny “western/christian” spoilt-brat males, utter contempt for women’s intellect and humanity and insight, all sorts of other nonsense, one or two basic grains of truth.      watch?v=U4NijLf3M-A

Peters0n in conversation with another religious fundie, true colours coming through loud and clear

First they came for the TERFS

There’s a lot of interesting commentary about the anti-semitism in UK Labour at the moment and the way that it is being dealt with.

However, the disgraceful treatment of women – marginalisation, lies, silencing , witch-hunts, expulsions, bullying, threats, violence, criminal investigations, lies, lies and more lies – has been going on, largely unremarked (unimportant – until it affects men).

Prick News alone, if it had been running such a smear campaign against any other group would have been raked over the coals by now. Never mind all the party members and officers and MPs who have taken a chance to jump on the transcult bandwagon. But hey, just women, just lesbians, just “terfs”. Anything goes, once you have decided you can demonise and attack a population.

And there is always universal support for the rape, abuse and torture and exclusion of women. Even amongst so-called decent people. I wonder how many who have enough ethical sense to speak out against the anti-semitisim would even consider doing the same for the anti-woman, anti-lesbian movement within UK politics right now?

First they came for the TERFS