First they came for the TERFS

There’s a lot of interesting commentary about the anti-semitism in UK Labour at the moment and the way that it is being dealt with.

However, the disgraceful treatment of women – marginalisation, lies, silencing , witch-hunts, expulsions, bullying, threats, violence, criminal investigations, lies, lies and more lies – has been going on, largely unremarked (unimportant – until it affects men).

Prick News alone, if it had been running such a smear campaign against any other group would have been raked over the coals by now. Never mind all the party members and officers and MPs who have taken a chance to jump on the transcult bandwagon. But hey, just women, just lesbians, just “terfs”. Anything goes, once you have decided you can demonise and attack a population.

And there is always universal support for the rape, abuse and torture and exclusion of women. Even amongst so-called decent people. I wonder how many who have enough ethical sense to speak out against the anti-semitisim would even consider doing the same for the anti-woman, anti-lesbian movement within UK politics right now?

First they came for the TERFS

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