Diversity of opinion

This has been a buzz-phrase for a while now. Tends to be trotted out by the libertarian/”classic liberal” (ie reactionary right) “freedom of speech”  types – the Peters0n crowd, Jonathan Haidt (a man who claims to be a liberal psychologist/philospher, yet thinks that p0rn is all good fun just like sport and that universities should be held hostage by their wealthy donors to force them to elevate MRA and right wing talking points, he’s a rising star amongst whiny internet adolescents of course) and so on.

Unsuprisingly their idea of “free speech” and “diversity of opinion” never includes standing up for or listening to or giving a platform to women’s point of view: older women, lesbians, disabled women, minority ethnic women, poor women, women who work with victims of male violence, women who have suffered male violence, radical women, separatist women. Even the wrong sort of man is excluded from their brave new free and diverse world, maybe a token nod here and there. Such tiny tiny minds they have.


Diversity of opinion

2 thoughts on “Diversity of opinion

  1. Haidt does speak more sense than Peters0n though, not such a snake-oil salesman, has a more solid academic background and doesn’t seem to be as interested in courting the man-child woman-haters to the same extent as Peters0n does. He still has a huge blind spot regarding women’s experience – and many of his “insights” have been reached by many others without the label of “great thinker”


  2. Haidt and peters0n in discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=4IBegL_V6AA

    note the whining about men being even a tiny bit on the receiving end of the loony-left while totally ignoring that women (radfems especially) have been shut down and abused for years by the pomolibfemqueers.

    Haidt also has set up a website for his mates who are feeling intimidated by “SJWs” (no understanding of the issues around the transcult, no understanding of the difference between the need of women for actual physical safety, privacy, dignity, autonomy and the right to say “no” to having dick forced on them, and the cultists who bleat that ideas they don’t like are a threat)

    Comment during talk: “if you give boys iphones they play video games which is harmless, but girls use social media which is damaging to them and an example of female aggression”

    OK, first boys look at p0rn which is hugely harmful. And yes, social media does harm girls but the contempt peters0n has for girls when they talk about this is very striking.


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