The desperation to be marginalised

From a twitter thread


“This desperation to be marginalized, angry, oppressed is awful. There are plenty of real things for kids to kick against, poverty, homelessness, actual violence but it doesn’t work for them unless they are at the centre of it declaring who shall be this month’s most marginalised.”

Any (sane and decent person) who has experienced the real, material consequences of poverty and discrimination does not play at this stupid point scoring “more opressed than thou” game. It is awful, and even worse that these brats are being taken seriously by anyone at all.

The desperation to be marginalised

One thought on “The desperation to be marginalised

  1. It is similar to people who glorify disabilities and illness, same sort of crowd are all “neurodivergent” and “ptsd” and whatever else they think makes them special, worse again when they do it to their kids too.


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