A great thread on Mumsnet about safeguarding

Mumsnet, where the owners have decided that creepy perv men must be referred to by their fantasy pronouns, still has some good discussions in the feminism chat


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A great thread on Mumsnet about safeguarding

How the Challenor case should have any decent person waking up to the problems with the transcult

As some of us have been saying for a long time, the transcult/trans “rights” activists are a woman-hating, homophobic group driven by fetishistic and disturbed men who are enabled, on a personal level, in local communities and through national institutions in their abuse of women and children – they espcially like to target lesbians and vunerable youth and have a lot of support and a lot of resources at their disposal to do this.

We have warned about the Gender Recognition act, the dismissal of women’s safety concerns, the corrective rape of lesbians, the coercion of LGB youth, the transing of children (ie medical, sexual and psychological abuse), the propaganda being pushed into schools, the “wrong body” (more child abuse), the violation of women’s boundaries as men indulge their fetishes, the relentless abuse of women on social media, the threats, the no-platforming, the lies, the attacks, the social contagion, the impacts on women in public and political life, sports, prisons, refuges … the list goes on.

And this last week we have another case come to light that contains so many aspects of the problems that radfems and other “TERFS” have being talking about – and despite the best efforts of the TRAs, and that includes their cheerleaders in the mainstream press, to cover it up – there are lots of women talking about it and spelling the problems out for anyone who cares to listen.

There is no excuse at this point for people to keep sticking their fingers in their ears, and ignoring the way that these grotesque and abusive men have been ripping up democratic procedures and the protections needed for women and children all in the name of “trans”. Anyone who does is deliberately complicit with abusers, the information is out there, pay attention to it.

Some articles and a great video from Lisa M

http://archive.is/7rvPa (statement on facebook from Womens voices matter)


https://www.mayday4women.com/2018/08/26/green-party-must-accept-failings-in-its-dealings-with-david-challenor/ (my only point of disagreement is that she says “we couldn’t have predicted” when it’s exactly what we have been predicting)

https:// http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=JZa4uZJFeSY

How the Challenor case should have any decent person waking up to the problems with the transcult

The hold that the transcult and their perv mates have in British Politics, Green Party edition

Once upon a time the Green Party (of England and Wales) seemed to have got rid of the worst of the conspiracy theorists and idiots that had made the party a laughing stock (the David Icke era) and were moving forward on an evidence-based platform focussing on issues around sustainability and social issues such as disabilty discrimination and the needs of women and girls.

It was an all too brief window, because in walked the transcult and the pimps and suddenly women and children were thrown aside for the demands of abusive, fetishistic men.

One of those men, David Challenor, has recently been convicted of the rape and torture of a child. His home was also used as the registered address for the Coventry Green Party.

http://archive.is/UDG5i  (Times article)

He has a background in IT, was a scout master and member of a local running group (http://archive.is/n93gg), liked publicity ( http://archive.is/vZIha fluff piece in the Mirror about how he met his wife), had his children taken temporarily into care, and had previous convictions for animal cruelty. He has now been expelled by the Greens on the basis of the conviction for child rape and torture.

He also was the election agent chosen by his son – a rather disturbed young man who calls himself  “Aimee” , a man who has wormed his way to being the LGBT+ rep for the Greens (despite his homophobic and women-hating beliefs), who is now standing for deputy leader (despite his instabilty, lack of judgement and immaturity – a report here about his arrest for making terrorist threats http://archive.is/ahirF ) and who has been instrumental within the party and on social media in shutting down any dissent to the trans orthodoxy.  His work in this area includes getting a women expelled from the Greens for saying a man is a man (yes, seriously), for getting people banned from twitter, and for maintaining blocklists of “TERFS” also on twitter.

Aimee, who obviously does not have the common sense or decency to step down from their position, continues to be supported by the Greens who are more than happy to enable this whole circus, and who issued a statement  http://archive.is/aBEh0  “Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected as a result of these offences”

Well done Greens, very well done.

EDIT Sunday eve, 18.41

The Greens realised how bad it was looking and have released another statement.

https:// aimeechallenor.uk/statements.html

EDIT 2 Monday aft, 12.41





The hold that the transcult and their perv mates have in British Politics, Green Party edition

“Child transition – the myth of informed consent”

Great post from lilymaynard. Covers some of the tactics used by the child abusers in the transcult to push kids into “transition” (real creepy pedo vibe in much of it), the way that schools and other institutions seem to be so happy to go along with the (very well funded) propaganda, and the complete lack of care towards children who are in no way in a position to be “consenting” to this abuse that adults are forcing upon them.


“Child transition – the myth of informed consent”

Biology is transphobic (Leeds Liverpool edition)

Maybe it’s something in the water, but following on from the brave rozzers on Merseyside going after women for knowing basic human biology, we now have the idiot transcultists in Leeds wanting some of the drama for themselves.


“LGBT+ group Angels Freedom of Leeds is asking people to take photographs of the stickers, remove them and then notify police.

In a statement, the group said it’s ‘really important’ that all the stickers are reported to police so ‘they can be aware of the extent of the impact and take action'”

“People who are affected by the stickers can also refer themselves to Yorkshire MESMAC for victim support.”

Completely ridiculous

Biology is transphobic (Leeds Liverpool edition)

Religion 2.0 : modern man and their myths – same old pathetic violent tribal thuggery and misogyny repackaged for the internet age

MRAs, PUAs, antifa, gamers, the transcult, the followers of Jordan Peters0n, Sam Harris et al, the “Intellectual Dark Web” (rofl), the Proud Boys (recently in the news) , the nationalists, the anarchists, every variety of adolescent male redditor …. the list goes on.

Thuggy, pathetic and deeply insecure woman-haters the lot of them.

https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/. group/proud-boys

Religion 2.0 : modern man and their myths – same old pathetic violent tribal thuggery and misogyny repackaged for the internet age