How the Challenor case should have any decent person waking up to the problems with the transcult

As some of us have been saying for a long time, the transcult/trans “rights” activists are a woman-hating, homophobic group driven by fetishistic and disturbed men who are enabled, on a personal level, in local communities and through national institutions in their abuse of women and children – they espcially like to target lesbians and vunerable youth and have a lot of support and a lot of resources at their disposal to do this.

We have warned about the Gender Recognition act, the dismissal of women’s safety concerns, the corrective rape of lesbians, the coercion of LGB youth, the transing of children (ie medical, sexual and psychological abuse), the propaganda being pushed into schools, the “wrong body” (more child abuse), the violation of women’s boundaries as men indulge their fetishes, the relentless abuse of women on social media, the threats, the no-platforming, the lies, the attacks, the social contagion, the impacts on women in public and political life, sports, prisons, refuges … the list goes on.

And this last week we have another case come to light that contains so many aspects of the problems that radfems and other “TERFS” have being talking about – and despite the best efforts of the TRAs, and that includes their cheerleaders in the mainstream press, to cover it up – there are lots of women talking about it and spelling the problems out for anyone who cares to listen.

There is no excuse at this point for people to keep sticking their fingers in their ears, and ignoring the way that these grotesque and abusive men have been ripping up democratic procedures and the protections needed for women and children all in the name of “trans”. Anyone who does is deliberately complicit with abusers, the information is out there, pay attention to it.

Some articles and a great video from Lisa M (statement on facebook from Womens voices matter) (my only point of disagreement is that she says “we couldn’t have predicted” when it’s exactly what we have been predicting)

https:// watch?v=JZa4uZJFeSY

How the Challenor case should have any decent person waking up to the problems with the transcult

One thought on “How the Challenor case should have any decent person waking up to the problems with the transcult

  1. and on twitter …

    “He [David Challenor] co-created the Terfblocker with Aimee Challenor, which blocked over 50k mostly women with concerns over self-ID, and helped write the info A gave to government, Stonewall, police, guides, etc.on self-ID which shaped policy. IOW, shaped by a paedo rapist with a trans fetish.” (youngcrone)

    “Any organisations who took any advice from AC that could impact safeguarding should probably consider whether someone who has shown exceedingly poor judgement (at best) has been able to give them suitable guidance.” (fiery_godmother)

    “There’s a danger in making any individual or group untouchable, there is plenty of recent evidence to learn from. Despite this both the @guardian and the @BBC have made trans people untouchable – hence no reports from either on the #DavidChallenor story” (Helen saxby)

    “Together, #DavidChallenor & #AimeeChallenor lobbied against safeguards for women & girls, silencing anyone who complained – including 50,000 women on twitter as well as other @TheGreenParty members who disagreed with them. ” (gender unicorn)

    “The police are meant to have no political affiliations. There is no way anti discrimination extends to thsee kinds of issues especially as they are matters of law. But the father being known to the police should have been an additional red flag. This is Savile all over again.” (scarlett)

    “Sex based protections for women & girls and abolitionist opinions about prostitution so opposed by Aimee Challenor and his father is not hate speech. You have overstepped your role as police officers.” (zewohewo)


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