History repeating itself

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what is missing in this article is that there were people “on the left” protesting the paedohiles and rapists – radical feminists, women who were on the frontline (eg rape crisis), lesbians and working class women and some men were the ones raising the alarm, just as we are now – and were being ignored by the establishment right across the board, just as we are now.

Ditto the Islington homes scandal (which most people think was just about gay men going after boys – but many girls were raped and abused in those homes at that time, and the girls were further abused by the boys they lived with as well.)

Dr. Liz Davies – Whistleblower – Social Worker (1986-92)

and from http://archive.is/CIorK

“We discovered that paedophiles had penetrated the network of homes so completely that they had begun using them to procure children. The council had wanted to encourage gay men into childcare in the interests of equal opportunities, but this well-intentioned aim was so naively implemented that paedophiles posed as gay men to take advantage of the policy. The council exempted any man who said he was gay from needing professional qualifications or references, declared gay men less likely to abuse children than heterosexuals as a matter of policy and repeatedly as-sumed that any criticisms of men who claimed to be gay were motivated purely by homophobia. Even children who tearfully described abuse were considered prejudiced.”

History repeating itself

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