A man has spoke !

For the past few years there has been a handful of men who have been paying attention and speaking about the homophobic and woman-hating abuse dished out by the transcult, the shambles around the GRA, and more recently the safeguarding for vunerable women and child protection issues that are becoming more and more glaringly obvious.

And, now that it is becoming glaringly obvious there are a few more men who are speaking up too.

This is how things go, a woman speaks – gets ignored. Many women speak – ignored, vilified, attacked, threatened, abused. Men speak, oh well maybe we should discuss this then, it might be something that has worth.

(of course this is how the trans bullshit has been taken so seriously – everyone knows they are men, and until other men challenge it in the way that radfems and similar women have been doing for years, then nothing will change)

A man has spoke !

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