One from a few months ago

“In the discussions about transgender issues, there are clear dividing lines. Some women feel that their own ability to organise politically, protect their own class rights, and even just to be able speak coherently about themselves is undermined by transwomen insisting they are women. You may or may not agree. But there are competing needs and rights here, and a negotiation is underway (well it would be if it was not drowned out by shouts of bigotry and transphobia.)

A core issue is an inability to agree on what we mean by common words such as man, woman, male, female, gender, sex and ‘trans’. The above disputes will not be solved when we are dominated by Humpty Dumptyism as it removes the possibility of even having a coherent discussion and even erases groups within that sphere.

The word ‘woman’ has had clear and unambiguous meaning. We mean by it an ‘adult human female’ where a female is that class of people whose biological organisational structure and development is directed towards the production of immobile ova etc. (This definition is not threatened by rare intersex conditions, infertility etc as some try to argue, bizarrely.)” @lecanardnoir/the-humpty-dumpty-wonderland-of-transgender-language-e0cbbecedcbc

One from a few months ago

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