The undermining of basic social structures – women and children first

A functioning and civil society is one that has structures that encourage a productive balance between stability and progress and an underlying safety net that protects the most vunerable.

As such it should be a major concern when the laws,institutions and services under attack are the ones that seek to achieve this stabilty, progress and protection. Women, children and others designated as “weak” (the poor, those who are disabled) are first in line to suffer.

The TRAs are doing a number on schools, health, women’s prisons, refuges, universities, political parties – the damage here is extensive and so far almost entirely to women and children, but it is also shifting discourse in such a way that lies are told with impunity, the oppressor becomes the oppressed, dissent is silenced, women are silenced. None of that bodes well at all.

Meanwhile we have ongoing benefits cuts, cuts to vital services, horribly under-resourced mental health provision. The damage here is to those with chronic health issues, disabilities (and yes, extra whammy if you’re female, gay, old, uneducated, wrong race or ethnicity)

Neither left nor right as it currently stands (in the UK for sure, but elsewhere too) are looking to sort any of this out. The Conservatives are determined to drive us off the Brexit cliff, and into the arms of unfettered capitalistic exploitation. The Corbynistas are happy to plan their glorious revolution (these never work out well for women or other inferiors either). It is an utterly horrendous mess.

The undermining of basic social structures – women and children first

2 thoughts on “The undermining of basic social structures – women and children first


    “Amid mounting financial pressure, local councils are developing “predictive analytics” systems to algorithmically identify families for attention from child services, allowing them to focus resources more effectively.”

    “Councils are adopting predictive systems at a time when local government budgets are under unprecedented pressure. By 2020 government funding for councils will have been cut by £16bn under the Conservative government’s austerity programme, the Local Government Association has said.”

    “The software can be used to generate revenue for the council through the Troubled Families payments-by-results scheme. Xantura’s website advertises how its products can help local authorities “maximise PBR [payment-by-results] payments” from the government as well as reduce child safeguarding costs.

    Under the Troubled Families scheme, councils are paid £1,000 for each family they sign up to the programme, with a further payment of £800 when the family meets certain criteria.”

    TLDR: cut social budgets, target the vunerable, payout to private companies. £££ ker-ching.


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