One thought on “Fantastic piece from Jane Claire Jones

  1. my comment over there which seems to have frozen,

    “This is a great overview.

    The thing that is most concerning is the near monopoly (oligopoly?) that a few powerful providers have over all discourse. They choose to shut women down, and that’s it, we’re shut down. They have marched into the public square and declared that they will control discourse from now on. We have no redress, they have no accountability.

    I’d also add one more online community to your twitter and mumsnet, and that is the radfem/gendercritical boards on Reddit. There is a wealth of discussion there going back a number of years (many being refugees from now defunct or dormant feminist blogs, who were there before twitter really took off) – with the same themes of the lies, propaganda, censorship, threats and totalitarian nature of the transcult.”


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