A repost

I can’t find the origin of this or the original author, but it is spot on:

“I have never seen more heterosexual people loudly proclaiming their “allyship” to “queer” people as I have since All Trans All The Time became the modern face of “LGBT.”

It wasn’t until we got to the point where we’re obliged to call men women (on pain of excommunication), and young butch girls “trans boys” that so many straight people became so broad-minded and supportive.
That’s what it took for mainstream straight society. For actual homophobia—including advocating sterilizing surgery on effeminate minor boys and masculine minor girls—to become socially acceptable. That’s what brought straight America out.

There was *never* this level of support for us actual gay men and lesbians. Not even a tenth of it. Let alone this tearful, Pentecostal culture of social justice that falls all over itself to call every boundary-violating pervert “brave and stunning.”

And now, at 43, after coming of age in the last days of the AIDS crisis, here I sit as a gay man viewed by *straight people* as a bigot. A reactionary.
Many of us have spent much of our lives sticking our necks out to help gays, lesbians, and bisexuals when it wasn’t fashionable. And now that straight men (transvestites—they’re just plain old transvestites who get off on being seen as “women”) are the face of LGBT, straight people have the goddamned *nerve* to try to make us real homosexuals into social pariahs. To create an image of us as bitter, nasty, bigoted pots of nothing-but-hate.

I see what really motivates you. You’re genuine homophobes. True believer devotees. You never really wanted men to be able to love men. You didn’t really want women to be able to make their lives with other women.
You wanted a way to reinforce psychologically traumatizing sex-based stereotypes. And you’re using us, and children, to do it.”

A repost

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