This “both sides” shit is worse than useless

Both Jo Brand (UK comedian) and Jenny Jones (England&Wales Green Party) have recently written pieces where they talk about “civilised discussion” and “both sides are being aggressive” and “infighting”

These are people who should know better, but just like everyone else who butts in with their ignorant opinion, have not bothered to look at what is going on, nor to talk to those who have been dealing with this for YEARS and who have a lot of knowledge to share. The “both sides” approach is incredibly dismissive of women’s experience and work – and of the reality of the situation.

Reality being an onslaught from the trans activists of no-platforming, threats, doxxing, attacks on families and people’s jobs, online mobs, death and rape threats, censorship, silencing, assault, intimidation, child abuse, rape apologisim, the undermining of safeguarding, harassment, use of the courts and legal proceedings to silence and harass, harassment of venues, closing down women’s meetings, abuse of political process, undermining initiatives set up to help women in public, private and political spheres, the assault on women’s sport, the lies, more lies and even more lies.

This is daily and it is relentless – and there is nothing remotely comparable from the women who stand for the rights of women to our boundaries and bodies and reality.

Women are adult human females and we have a right to say NO.

This “both sides” shit is worse than useless

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