And another, great speech by RaQUEL ROSARIO SÁNCHez

“The people who level these accusations against women know how frightened women are of seeing our careers destroyed, our friendships endangered, our reputations in the mud. The most effective way to counter these unfair and untrue accusations being leveled against women is by pointing out how the word transphobia has, unfortunately, ceased to be a concept necessary to challenge the oppression faced by vulnerable people who want to live happy and healthy lives without violence and discrimination.

Instead, it has been turned into a Trojan horse for misogyny and the most toxic masculinity. One out of the many tools that patriarchy can deploy against you next, if you don’t watch your mouth. Or if you’re not careful of what you write.”

“We do not police whether men are allowed to exercise their human right to free speech based on every single position they hold on every political issue. It would be gargantuan to even have to remember which man holds which view. If academia invited and disinvited male speakers depending on how acceptable totalitarian and aggressive activists find their every position, there would be no events held on campuses at all!”

Good stuff.

And another, great speech by RaQUEL ROSARIO SÁNCHez

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