Institutional silencing of victims

Men (and the men who run all our institutions) do not like #metoo and similar campiagns because it lifts the lid on stuff they would much rather stayed out of sight, out of mind.

Institutional silencing along with the wider public “shaming” and discrediting of victims are methods they use to make sure their power isn’t challenged too much, that we don’t drag the whole problem of male abuse out into the sunlight. That would not do.

One attempt to silence was dragged into the public eye this week when the Telegraph (UK) ran a piece saying they had been gagged – by a court upholding a Non Disclosure Agreement – and then an MP (Peter Hain) used his parliamentary privilege to let the cat out of the bag anyway. Note how this is entirely up to the old boys club to decide who may or may not be heard.

Another one to mention – the woman concerned has asked Peter Hain whether an MP might raise her case. She is one victim of many – the NHS have a long and nasty track record of silencing victims and whistleblowers – this instance is a nurse with 30+ years experience who is about to lose her licence after the NHS failed to support her and are trying to gag the results of the investigation into her abuse. It would be nice if an MP took this up.

It would be nice if we could stop the silencing of victims and the cover-ups by the rich and powerful.

Institutional silencing of victims

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