Evpsych (part whatever)

Once upon a time the “liberals” laughed at evpsych until they realised that laughing at “ladybrain” was traansphobicccc, so they quietly dropped the whole thing and hoped nobody would notice. The woman-haters on the right however kept going with it – whether it’s the knuckle dragging MRAs/altright types or the “intellectual” darkweb/”classic liberal” tossers.

Was reminded of it while looking for some stuff on Karen Straughan and found this:

“In mankind’s prehistory, human being were survival machines preprogrammed as unequal sexes joined in a conflict for power through difference (heterosexuality). This conflict was sexual selection. Women were able to select dominant, power-embodying men into existence, and men were able to select submissive, reproduction-embodying women. And part of this unequal embodying is that women would look inwards to the home, their children, their selves and mates, and men would look outward to politics, war, future, society. The upside of this narrative is that men eventually built modern liberal civilization. the downside is that women stopped looking at their inner nature, and began looking enviously at the whole universe men had conquered. They this turned their inner sight and their interpersonal strengths (sexy bodies and zero scruples), against men, and this is modern feminism—the enlightened liberal civilization men had birthed was turned against them as women escaped their inner spheres into politics, business, science, engineering, and war.

But these feminists are just pawns. Who’s the real player—it’s not a who, it’s a what!

All women, and especially feminists, are still preprogrammed by past sexual selection. The governing truth of nature is that power comes only through difference. Women are just acting out because men have let them act out. when men stayed the hand, gave the right to vote, gave the right to refuse, men then gave up being the dominant sex—and women are trying to take it. And this is ruining everything!!

Thus the only way for us to have the “right world,” is for men to assert their natural rights and put women in their natural place.”

Funny, but good basic summary of the rw-ladybrain position

Evpsych (part whatever)

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