Great post by Jane Clare Jones

‘Unreasonable Ideas’ – A Reply to Alison Phipps

Lots of stuff in there, two immediate thoughts:

1) “We have received nothing by way of substantive critique which deals directly with those objections”

absolutely, even down to the most basics – and a question I have never seen the TRAs address: why is it so important to segregate by “gender” (or “identity”) rather than sex ? Particularly where the physical sexed body is a fundamental part of the situation.

and (slight tangent but not entirely)

2) “whiteness” another concept that is so overused, and used so much out of context that it has mostly lost any useful meaning, and in comparison to sex it doesn’t map that well.

Having whatever colour of skin, in and of itself, is not oppressive. Race supremacy is an oppressive ideology, but there is no mechanism for exploitation on colour unless artificially created.

This is quite unlike physical sex where physically stronger and more brutal male persons impregnate the female ones: a hard mechanistic reality regardless of construct.

But “whiteness” has gone the same way as “privilege”, used by the libfemqueers and others who have a vested interest in scoring points without addressing real power, violence, deprivation etc.

It is always much more useful – when analysing rights and social relations – to look at actual resources and actual power. (In the news again example: Rotherham, Rochdale et al – who has the power there ? The oppression olympics, right-on, point scoring approach does not work in this situation at all)

Great post by Jane Clare Jones

And another, great speech by RaQUEL ROSARIO SÁNCHez

“The people who level these accusations against women know how frightened women are of seeing our careers destroyed, our friendships endangered, our reputations in the mud. The most effective way to counter these unfair and untrue accusations being leveled against women is by pointing out how the word transphobia has, unfortunately, ceased to be a concept necessary to challenge the oppression faced by vulnerable people who want to live happy and healthy lives without violence and discrimination.

Instead, it has been turned into a Trojan horse for misogyny and the most toxic masculinity. One out of the many tools that patriarchy can deploy against you next, if you don’t watch your mouth. Or if you’re not careful of what you write.”

“We do not police whether men are allowed to exercise their human right to free speech based on every single position they hold on every political issue. It would be gargantuan to even have to remember which man holds which view. If academia invited and disinvited male speakers depending on how acceptable totalitarian and aggressive activists find their every position, there would be no events held on campuses at all!”

Good stuff.

And another, great speech by RaQUEL ROSARIO SÁNCHez

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“At a crucial time when feminist are uncovering the widespread abuse women and girls endure and calling out predatory male behaviour, the Irish government is recognising males who act out femininity as actual women.”

“Stonewall is a symbol of the victory of lobbying over direct action, top-down law change over grassroots movements, individualism over collective struggle. This is a shift that has happened across all aspects of politics and society, alongside the decline of trade unionism and the growth of economic inequality and insecurity.

Far from being a liberatory project, the idea that a person’s internal gender identity determines their sex is absolutely in line with this general atomising tendency in the western world. The only thing which counts is a person’s autonomous and isolated sense of themselves as a man, woman or non-binary person. There is no recognition of gender as a social relation between each individual and all others in society.”

Truth to power?

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More “both sides” shite from people late to the debate, including the admonishments to women to stop being hysterical about things.

“A far calmer debate must begin”.

Ah yes, women speaking out about years of relentless attack on our rights, against threats, harassment, abuse, lies, silencing. We are labelled as “bitter” and need to be told to “calm down”.

I guess we’re supposed to be grateful that the Very Logical Man has arrived to bring “balance” even though they, and others like them late to the debate, don’t have the first clue about most of the issues: “To be transgender is to identify as a gender which does not match your sex assigned at birth” for example is nonsense.

We do not need a “calmer” debate we need one where women are listened to with our arguments taken on their merits. We need proper expertise, statistics, data, science, logic, definitions and we need a reckoning as to the lies, manipulation and abuses that are used by the trans cult – including their influence within the media, schools, NHS, sporting institutions, police, government and universities, the misinterpretation of the equality act and the silencing and violence against those who stand up now and those of us who have been stood against this for very many years.

More “both sides” shite from people late to the debate, including the admonishments to women to stop being hysterical about things.

A twitter thread about the experiences of women in refuges

Even services set up to help women are letting women down. Ignorance of the EA 2010 regarding single-sex exemption, and disregard for the most vulnerable.

“Women who enter refuge have no idea whether they are coming or going. They are traumatised, petrified and just need to be safe. They are not going to rock the boat when they first arrive. They don’t want to be told
to leave, that this isn’t the place for them. They will do almost anything to keep safe, away from their abuser. If that means being retraumatised by the presence of a male no matter how he identifies, then they will. Especially when they have children. They’re used to being told they have no agency, no right to decide who’s in their space.

A twitter thread about the experiences of women in refuges